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October 22, 2012
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Sleep Tight by flina Sleep Tight by flina
I am having trouble finding this stockmodel...I only have a looong number, this one: 4a650957b2bc7190b7989eb3764660b0, and I canīt find the model! I know it must be from DA, it was in my DA folder on my pc.
If someone can help me with it I would appreciate it. I didnīt think of it making the picture, but if I havenīt found the model in two days I think Iīm going to have to put the pic down again, I refuse to upload something without proper credit! Please let me know if you know who it is!

Background: *pranile [link]
Wings: *JinxMim [link]

Leafs my own resource

Rest is painted by me
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Wow!! really magic fairy!! love it!!
Thank you sweetie! :hug:
PEWOB Nov 4, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very nice !
Thank you dear! :love:
inner-outsider Oct 28, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi there could it be this one? [link]
Itīs very very similar, not the exact pic, but Iīm sure itīs from that particular stocker!! Iīve written her a note, but I am quite sure itīs her, so THANK YOU for helping me!! I canīt thank you enough!! :love: :heart: !!!
inner-outsider Oct 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No worries - I like to help. There is also this one [link] from the same stocker

Anyway - glad to be of assistance :)

this is just so beautiful Dear :clap::rose:
on that stock I cant help you but some save as those weird string numbers...from some and yes DA is most likely
I tried searching but no good ...
if you can remember the title it might help but if your like me you probably haven't got a clue also maybe you if you faved it to a gallery or your favs?...still again if your like me you fav heaps and have a zillion pages :(

Well dear the art is so beautiful
I just so love what you've created here..:hug::heart:
Well, I have searched to heaven and back, but I canīt find it...I KNOW itīs from DA, but searching for "lying" stock, or nude stock didnīt help, I donīt have a clue what itīs called. I know I faved it, but like you said, I am like you, I have billions and billions of faves, and it was a long time ago...Maybe I have to wait until the stocker sees this by themselves and give me a good written slap in the face for not crediting them, or it will never happen. I havenīt stopped looking though, so I might get lucky!
Thank you again!! :love:
yeah its a pain but happens at times the other possibility is that they closed their account that happens too :faint:
(or remove their stock)
the stock kinda seems familiar to me lockstock [link] has a lot of nudes, actually a lot of stock period
so it might be one of hers and there's few popular ones
(on a quick search, I just found one of hers similar pose but not maybe thats what I was thinking of)

Yeah I know what you mean by titles too mostly none are really it makes even find a stock your looking for hard....anyway if they do at lest you got it in your comments you tried to find it which is a lot more then many do I hope if they do they are kind to you
As always Welcome Sweetie :hug::heart:
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